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Baroque and Rococo Architecture October 27, 2010

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The Baroque Architecture can be described as extravagant or bongga (“filipino term for extravagant”) designs. And it is known for its styles using complicated shapes, twisted columns ,illusion paintings, curvilinear forms and broken pediments.
At this period the Council of Trent is considered to be one of the Church’s most important councils. It was introduced by a religious order known as Jesuits. It started late 16th century to early 18th century in Europe. Baroque Architecture was originated in Italy.
What I like in Baroque ….
Is the twisted column or also called “Solomonic column” , the spiral look and glided details, of the Roman’s and Greek’s columns. The twisted columns portrays a graceful movements.

At the completion of St. Peter’s Basilica , the baldacchino, a pavilion-like structure 30 meters (98 ft) tall and claimed to be the largest piece of bronze in the world, which stands beneath the dome and above the altar. Most baroque churches have their own baldachino. This is one of my favorite in this era the baldachino.

And my most favorite in this era is the ceiling paintings, that creates illusions. The example of it is the ceiling of- Il Gesù .

The painting style that is used is called Chiaroscuro, the strong contrast of light and dark to pop-up the image. What I like to the Baroque artists  is they can create a wonderful illusion of real life paintings. And I can really say that Baroque Architects were able to think out of the box.

And also one of the major features of Baroque is the broken pediments, that we can usually found at the entrance of a church.

Rococo Architecture

RO– stones COCO– shell
The Rococo architecture is more in its interior. I like how I can easily distinguished or recognized the Rococo period through their name means.
It started late Baroque which represent a high baroque

Excessive ornamentation.
And also this is the start of landscaping , decorative gates and Grottos .
The Rococo, is more on excessive ornamentation rather that architectural structure.

The Baroque and Rococo Architecture helped me to realized the evolution of the styles and ideas over the decades. I believed that it is  the most artistic period in the History of Architecture.


What is the difference of Gothic and Renaissance Architecture? October 20, 2010

At first I thought they are the same. I cannot distinguish whether it is a gothic or a renaissance. But now  when I learn at HSTARC2 the differences between them, I can now tell their differences.
During our HSTAR1 we took up some information about Gothic but I didn’t understand much about Gothic Architecture. I still have so much question about it and I want to clear it up. So when you say Gothic Architecture, the first thing that comes up in my in terms of Gothic- Horror, no God and full of mystery.
But I was totally wrong about my believes. Gothic Architecture is about magnificent structures such us churches,cathedral and basilica. Gothic Architecture style first appeared in France. The term of Gothic was made by Giorgio Vasari.
What I like in Gothic Architecture is the massive structures that made whole Europe put in the history of architecture. The way it build was magnificent. You can distinguished whether it is a gothic when you saw a flying-buttresses , gargoyle and rose window (my favorite part in Gothic Architecture which shows a story and life of GOD).
And what it makes me moved when I saw the Latin Cross floor plan of churches and cathedral that made it more organized. From the narthex, left and right side aisles, nave, crossing, transepts, choir, altar, apse, ambulatory and cloister. We learned their function and their purpose.The façade of Gothic cathedrals are asymmetrical and their dome is known as spires.
While ..
Renaissance  Architecture the rebirth of classical Greece and Rome. The term Renaissance was first used by Jacob Burckhardt for his book, The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy.
What I like is the artist at that time are so-called polymaths  that can practice different kinds of profession. And they are more artistic than gothic. Renaissance  cathedrals, focus on the symmetry and the proportion. They want their structure to be perfect.
The Renaissance create a unique decoration that can be both use for interior and exterior plans , this is called pilasters. It is built like column but the difference is it placed flat on the wall.

But at the end I love the originality and the beauty of both eras.