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FINAL!! April 27, 2011

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Finally I finish my drawing and I’m so happy to finish it!

I use 1:100 scale

I like to be simple at the outside because I want to be more focused on my structure.

I use blood red and natural gray for my apartment. I use to be more sticking and different to others.


3rd :)

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Now I finish my sketches and planning for my structure. So I was starting to do a perspective.

I do the method of plotting J

For it way easy than the other method, the measure.

At first was having trouble figuring out what scale that I will use and what angle that I will used. At first I use 30 – 60 degrees. But I don’t like the outcome it’s too stiff in the left side.

Do I change my angle and use the 60-30, its way better than the 30-60 angles. It was exact and perfect view for my design.

And this is my DRAFT:

I start at a box 8 x 8, 9 m height and 10 x 12 , 6 m height.

I finish my DRAFT


I hope I the outcome will be the same in my sketch up drawing 🙂

I first made it at GOOGLE SKETCH UP 🙂


Second attempt :)

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At last I now know what I what to create for my final plate for perspective J

At last I now know what I what to create for my final plate for perspective 🙂

I’ve doing some sketches and sketch up drawings for my design.

My concept was a cube. I was inspired by the following structures.


Harbour Isle Apartments by Lundgaard & Tranberg

I was planning to design small apartments.

The one that caught my eye was the first photo the BUMP building. For me it was complex and different in usual buildings that we can see.

This is my inspiration.

Edge is more on my style I like edgy and modern.