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ART DECO December 6, 2010

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I already know art deco since High School but only in college i truly under stand what is art deco and its styles and great features…

the most famous feature of an art deco is the geometric shapes ,patterns such as zigzagged and trapezoidal designs .

it had influenced by visual graphic arts and also Pop Art.

sunburst designs and maiden sculptures.




William F. Lamb with Shreve, Lamb and Harmon Architecture firm designed the Empire State Building.

Its became popular because of the KING KONG the movie.

Chrysler Building

Architect William Van Alen for Walter P. Chrysler

designed this beautiful building

it has great geometrical pattern on it side

Most of the buildings in New York City are Art Deco style, most of the building have a features of set back, telescopic and geometric patterns.


Manila Metropolitan Theatre

designed by Architect Juan M. Arellano.

an Art Deco designed theater along Padre Burgos Avenue near Manila Post Office.



The Far Eastern University


I like the styles in art deco …I love the patterns and the mixing and  combining the shapes..Art deco is one of my favorite eras that we discuss, cause through shapes I can make and experiments different kind of shapes and patterns that will make my structure unique.