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MEDITERRANEAN December 6, 2010

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Architecture in movies, is a way of expressing once creative mind for their works of art . and it also showcase the culture and the tradition of a country.

Just like in the movie we watched in our class, Letters to Juliet , it shows not only young and old romantic love story, it is a adventure to find  Claire’s lost love. What made it special? Is the settings which was held in Verona, Italy. It has shown the beautiful Mediterranean Architecture in Italy.

To be honest I’m not familiar in Mediterranean Architecture or what it is.. but I’m familiar of its features and style but I’m not aware that is a Mediterranean Architecture until we discuss it on HSTARC2 thanks to Sir Karlo now I know what is Mediterranean Architecture.

Mediterranean commonly known as the term for middle or center of the earth.

Countries like Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria popularized Mediterranean Architecture.

Mediterranean architecture was extremely popular between the years 1915 and 1940.

Mediterranean Architecture is well known for its features:

Vibrant colors

Vibrant colors such as orange, pink, yellow and green make structures look lively and artistic.

Narrow Streets

Tegula Roof Tiles


They introduce the stylish light post which added the elegance during the night.

Mediterranean Windows

Mediterranean Windows have panels and it is all so one of the famous features of this period.

Al Fresco

In this movie I felt like I was on a Field Trip in Verona, Italy. Because I really appreciate  and love all of their features. I like how they work on to our  nature, embracing the beauty of our wonderful nature.